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Protect the peatlands

2022-05-20 | This Magazine

With citizen science apps, amateurs and experts both expand their horizons

Canada is too big for researchers to track all of its flora and fauna. Nature apps provide valuable wildlife data for scientists, who return the favour by sharing expertise.
2022-04-09 | The Narwhal

Wolverine Conservation with Dr. Matt Scrafford

2022-03-01 | The Hunter Conservationist Podcast

Bat-killing fungus plaguing eastern North America found in Saskatchewan

Researchers with the Wildlife Conservation Society report that they’ve found the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in eastern Saskatchewan, despite hopes the western grasslands would prove a barrier.
2021-12-14 | Global News

Peter Soroye: Identifying Canada's Key Biodiversity Areas

Peter and Sean swap origin stories, discuss the value of Key Biodiversity Areas, and how citizen science can inspire people to get outside more.
2021-12-03 | NatureServe

How protecting caribou can help climate

Across Canada, climate change is exacerbating challenges caribou herds already face. But research shows protecting caribou habitat could have other benefits for climate.
2021-10-03 | CBC - What On Earth with Laura Lynch

What will it take to protect Ontario’s caribou?

With the population declining, First Nations, environmentalists, and others are working together to safeguard boreal caribou — and their habitat — before it’s too late
2021-08-05 | TVO

Across Canada, caribou are on course for extinction, a prominent expert warns. What happens after that?

While the threats caribou face are complex and vary by region, the common denominator is human activity, primarily through resource development and, increasingly, climate change
2019-02-18 | Globe and Mail