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Inside Canada’s fight to save its peatlands

2023-06-27 | The Weather Network

How peatlands on the Prairies are at risk from climate change

"Peatlands are one of the world's largest terrestrial carbon stores because they've been taking in carbon for thousands and thousands of years and storing it there."
2023-04-24 | CBC

Treasure, conflict, and survival in Canada’s peatlands

“They are always seen as desolate wastelands: full of bugs, wet, you can’t access them, nothing of value in them,” says Lorna Harris, a peatland scientist working for Wildlife Conservation Society Canada. “And I think we need to change that.”
2023-03-04 | Global News

Wolverine: Tracking the elusive trickster

2022-10-02 | Canadian Geographic

Great Lakes Untamed

Wolverine Walker Of The Great Lakes
2022-09-23 | TVO

The wolverine, a recluse, becomes more of an open book to scientists

In this article documenting the success of sequencing the wolverine genome, Dr. Matt Scrafford, WCS Canada Conservation Scientist, elaborates on the significance of this work and possible threats to wolverines in the future.
2022-09-05 | Cabin Radio

Wolverines under threat

Story begins on page 100.
2022-06-01 | The Walleye Magazine