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Can fake old-growth trees help this endangered animal?

Northern myotis bats weigh little more than a loonie and have long, dark ears. Females take turns looking after each other’s pups under the bark of old trees — just the sort disappearing in a rare B.C. rainforest
2024-01-17 | The Narwhal

Building a better home for bats

2024-01-15 | Globe and Mail

This bat species found in southwestern Ontario has a newly discovered talent — singing

The song of silver-haired bats was captured at two old mines in B.C.
2024-01-14 | CBC

B.C. bat experts say the 'misrepresented' mammals need 'condos,' not rooms

Climate change and diseases are killing the furry flyers. But people can help them, starting with better homes
2023-12-29 | CBC

'Like being at a loud rock concert': study looks at how ship noise affects Arctic marine mammals

"Whales are swimming faster when ships are close by ... and we're finding changes in the sound that they're making in their vocalizations," said William Halliday, the lead researcher for the study.
2023-12-26 | CBC

Trois exploratrices, une passion

Maya Chartier travaille comme technicienne de la faune dans l’Arctique pour la Wildlife Conservation Society du Canada. Elle recueille, entre autres, des informations sur les phoques sur les rives de la mer de Beaufort.
2023-12-23 | Radio-Canada

William Halliday on increased shipping in the Beaufort Sea

2023-12-19 | CBC - The Trailbreaker with Hilary Bird

Area covered by mining claims in Ontario’s ‘Ring of Fire’ increased by 30 per cent in one year

“I’m worried the increase in mining claims will lead to more exploration activities within the region and that those exploration activities, which are largely unchecked, will lead to irreversible damage to the peatlands within the region,” says Lorna Harris.
2023-12-04 | Global News

Working together to protect Washington's bats

2023-10-25 | Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

Peatlands are the climate bomb waiting to explode

The destruction of peatlands can cause billions of tons of carbon to be released into the atmosphere, worsening the already intensifying climate crisis
2023-08-28 | The Week