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Rare moss designated key biodiversity area in Quttinirpaaq National Park

Canada’s northernmost park is home to pockets of a moss called “Porsild’s Bryum”, a “species at risk”
2024-04-29 | Nunavut News

Monitoring birds in reclaimed placer mine sites in the Yukon

A research project in the Yukon is using birds to signal health returning to reclaimed mine sites. Morgan Brown with Wildlife Conservation Society Canada and the University of Alberta explains.
2024-04-03 | CBC

Echoes in the Dark: Unveiling the Mysteries of Bats with Cori Lausen

In this episode, Cori unravels the secrets of these nocturnal creatures and the critical efforts underway to protect them.
2024-03-04 | Northern Latitudes podcast

Thriving Forests, Thriving Caribou Populations

Justina Ray, President and Senior Scientist at WCS Canada, on what caribou conservation strategies look like in practice.
2024-02-22 | Wildlands League

How much disturbance is too much?

Justina Ray, President and Senior Scientist at Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, talks all things caribou on The Clear Cut podcast.
2024-02-15 | Wildlands League

Bats can sing—and this species might be crooning love songs

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, scientists discover only the second North American bat species known to sing.
2024-02-14 | National Geographic

‘She’s out here trailblazing’: these 10 Black environmentalists are building community

Peter Soroye is now a conservation biologist in Ottawa with Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, identifying key areas for preserving biodiversity.
2024-02-06 | The Narwhal

Bats have a unique superpower. Climate change is turning it into a liability

“They break all the rules,” said Cori Lausen, a bat expert at the environmental group Wildlife Conservation Society Canada.
2024-01-30 | Vox

Study shows impacts on Yukon chinook salmon due to weather, streamflow and more

Late 2023 study suggests positive and negative environmental impacts on the chinooks’ productivity
2024-01-29 | Yukon News

Can fake old-growth trees help this endangered animal?

Northern myotis bats weigh little more than a loonie and have long, dark ears. Females take turns looking after each other’s pups under the bark of old trees — just the sort disappearing in a rare B.C. rainforest
2024-01-17 | The Narwhal

Building a better home for bats

2024-01-15 | Globe and Mail

This bat species found in southwestern Ontario has a newly discovered talent — singing

The song of silver-haired bats was captured at two old mines in B.C.
2024-01-14 | CBC

B.C. bat experts say the 'misrepresented' mammals need 'condos,' not rooms

Climate change and diseases are killing the furry flyers. But people can help them, starting with better homes
2023-12-29 | CBC

'Like being at a loud rock concert': study looks at how ship noise affects Arctic marine mammals

"Whales are swimming faster when ships are close by ... and we're finding changes in the sound that they're making in their vocalizations," said William Halliday, the lead researcher for the study.
2023-12-26 | CBC

Trois exploratrices, une passion

Maya Chartier travaille comme technicienne de la faune dans l’Arctique pour la Wildlife Conservation Society du Canada. Elle recueille, entre autres, des informations sur les phoques sur les rives de la mer de Beaufort.
2023-12-23 | Radio-Canada