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Wild at Heart

Doubling Your Impact on Wildlife Conservation and Climate Action

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Our planet is in crisis. Nature is under siege, and plants and animals are disappearing at an alarming rate. Climate change threatens ecosystems and species worldwide. This is a crisis that needs immediate and concerted action!

The Challenge: Despite the need for support, less than 2% of philanthropic donations in North America go to environmental causes. This statistic highlights the fact that we need to rally together and channel more resources to protect wildlife and the planet's health.

A Pivotal Moment: The Weight of Our Choices: We're at a crucial juncture where our choices as a species matter. The cost of inaction is evident, but we're not powerless.

We have a short window of opportunity to change this trajectory and take decisive action to halt and reverse the decline of nature for the sake of the planet's health and a better future for humanity and wildlife.

The Power of Knowledge and Understanding: We have unprecedented knowledge about the needs of species and ecosystems. Decades of conservation work and field research have given WCS Canada the ability to provide solutions to address climate change and the decline of nature. We are well-positioned to make a positive impact, but we can't do it alone.

Wild at Heart: A Fundraising Campaign for Change: Introducing "Wild at Heart," a campaign supporting WCS Canada's Wildlife Impact Fund. This campaign aims to make a tangible difference in the battle to save biodiversity and address climate change by providing agility and flexibility to respond to conservation challenges when they matter the most.

Matching Opportunity: Doubling Your Impact: In recognition of the urgency of this initiative, two generous donors have offered to match every dollar donated to the Wildlife Impact Fund up to $200,000, doubling your impact on wildlife conservation, habitat protection, and climate adaptation and mitigation.

Join the Movement: Be "Wild at Heart": Your donation empowers informed decisions and action. Together, we can seize this opportunity and make a crucial step to safeguard the natural wonders of our planet.

Wild at Heart runs until June 30, 2024. Our goal is to raise $400,000. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for our planet, its wildlife, and future generations. Join us in being "Wild at Heart" and making a difference today!