Windmills in Southern Alberta, dave_7 / CC SA
Windmills in Southern Alberta © dave_7 / CC SA

Safer wind power for bats

An estimated 1 million bats are now being killed by wind turbines annually in North America – a number that will continue to rise as more wind turbines are constructed.

Migratory tree bats are most affected. Their future looks bleak unless wind development facilities take measures to reduce fatalities.

We’ve known how to reduce bat fatalities with minor impact to energy generation for more than 15 years. It is urgent that the wind energy industry makes changes that will reduce bat fatalities with a minor impact to energy generation.

WCS Canada is pushing for regulations by hosting meetings and working with others, including Bat Conservation International and North American Society for Bat Research to communicate effectively about this conservation crisis.



Bats are the world’s only flying mammal.