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Tabitha Vinu

Bat Research Technician

Western Bats

Tabitha Maria Vinu grew up in Dubai and came to Canada for her bachelor’s program at UBC. She completed her BSc Natural Resources Conservation that was within the faculty of forestry and this program focused on all forest management, conservation strategies and biology of both flora and fauna. Also, during this degree, she did coop term where she world in Alberta and Williams lake doing research in forestry ( tree planting success and sustainable forest management). Having a deep interest in wildlife conservation, in her last summer term she worked with a master’s student at UBC researching bats in urban environment where she developed a big interest in working with bats and in urban setting. Before joining WCS Bat Program, she worked as the Vancouver Aquarium as a interpreter, doing education programs for 100s of people everyday. her BSc Natural Resources Conservation from UBC where I did work terms in forestry research and work on bats with a master's student. Her interest in researching bats led her to look for other research jobs and found her way to WCS Canada.

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