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Niki Diogou

 Postdoctoral Fellow

Western Arctic

Niki is a Postdoctoral Fellow with WCS Canada’s Western Arctic Program and the University of Victoria assessing spatiotemporal patterns of bowhead presence and underwater noise in the Western Canadian Arctic.

A bioacoustician and oceanographer, Niki completed her PhD at the University of the Aegean in Greece, in collaboration with the Oregon State University. She uses passive acoustic recordings to investigate marine mammal presence in remote and inaccessible locations and answer ecological questions. During her PhD, Niki focused on sperm whales in Alaska and eastern Mediterranean Sea, but her scientific interests expand to the acoustics of the entire marine ecosystem, including all vocal animals, geophysical and anthropogenic noise. Niki scientific writings encompass the quantification of cetacean temporal distribution and how it may be influenced by climate change and oceanographic shifts. Niki’s research is motivated by conservation efforts and the potential harassment caused to marine wildlife from manmade noise and global warming.

Niki, served as the founder and Director of a popular science festival in Greece (Pint of Science Greece), and is an advocate of the importance of science communication. A large part of her early career involved working for the protection of the Mediterranean sea turtles, allowing her extensive collaboration with different stakeholders and contributing directly to the conservation efforts of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem. Her passion for the oceans and seas are major drivers for her science.

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