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Lucy Poley

Canada KBA Ecosystems Criteria Coordinator

Key Biodiversity Areas

Dr. Lucy Poley supports the Canadian Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) Coalition by coordinating KBA designation related to ecosystems-based criteria across Canada.

Lucy previously worked as a consultant with WCS Canada on projects related to woodland caribou and wolverine distribution mapping in Northern Ontario and with WCS Arctic Beringia on wolverine distribution mapping across the North Slope of Alaska. Lucy's research interests merge her background in ecology and geography to include species-habitat modelling, the development and application of remote sensing methodologies for fine-scale wildlife habitat mapping, and mapping of human disturbances within ecosystems. She is also an advocate for visual communication of scientific concepts and results and has worked on several design projects illustrating infographics and graphical abstracts for her own and other research.

Lucy completed her PhD at the University of Calgary in 2020 during which she used drone imagery collected within the bison reintroduction zone in Banff National Park to map grasslands vegetation and received an MSc in 2012 from Trent University for her project modelling the distribution of woodland caribou, moose, and wolves across Ontario's Far North based on aerial survey data.


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