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Jenilee Gobin

Caribou Field & Research Associate

Ontario Northern Boreal

Jenilee Gobin completed her PhD in the Environmental and Life Sciences at Trent University, where also she spent several years conducting postdoctoral research, and taught courses on fisheries assessment & management and genome-based environmental monitoring. Her research focuses broadly on using quantitative approaches to understand how populations and communities adapt (or don’t) to changing environments to address pressing conservation and management issues. She has worked with a wide range of taxa including fish, birds, amphibians, and mammals. She is well published, with notable contributions on sustainable freshwater fisheries and dynamics in terrestrial boreal communities. She strongly supports Indigenous-led conservation and research, as well as Two-Eyed Seeing approaches. She also worked as a policy analyst for a National Indigenous Organization, advocating for First Nations’ rights to protect and conserve their land, water, and resources.

Jenilee Gobin - Headshot, Jenilee Gobin
Jenilee Gobin - Headshot © Jenilee Gobin
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