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Haley MacLeod

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ontario Northern Boreal

Haley MacLeod is a freshwater ecologist and toxicologist interested in understanding how anthropogenic changes impact freshwater ecosystems, fishes, and the communities reliant on these environments. Haley brings a unique perspective to her work by applying her diverse research experience in environmental toxicology, cellular and molecular biology, freshwater ecology, fisheries science, and community-based research focused on weaving knowledge systems.

Haley earned her Ph.D. from Lakehead University, focusing on answering fundamental questions about the drivers of freshwater fish productivity. Haley is also a Research Associate at NORDIK Institute in Sault Ste Marie, ON, where she is involved in multiple community-based projects.

Haley’s primary project with WCS Canada focuses on integrating different types of ecological, physiological, and contaminants data to understand the impacts of development on Lake Sturgeon within the Moose Cree Homeland. Haley also works with Moose Cree Youth, Elders, and Knowledge Holders to understand these cumulative impacts within a community-led framework that aims to weaves Moose Cree traditional knowledge and Western science.

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