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Eric Schwab

Digital Assets Manager


Eric holds a BA and MA in Art History and a Masters of Library and Information Science. For the past 13 years, Eric served as Manager, Digitization & Preservation, Special Collections at Toronto Public Library (TPL).

Eric has many years of experience working in the digitization and asset management field. He was able to grow TPL's publicly available Digital Archive, from around 10,000 digital assets to over 175,000 Special Collections' digital assets. Eric wants to expand his knowledge of managing digital assets in a wider variety of formats, and further develop an understanding of open access and geospatical (GIS) data, while offering expertise in managing, preserving and growing digital assets.

Prior to TPL, Eric was Manager of AV and Imaging Services at the OCAD University. Prior to this, Eric worked as Assistant Director in the Knight Visual Resources Facility within the College of Architecture, Art & Planning at Cornell University.

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