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Cheyenne MacDonald

L'nua'tikete'w/Indigenous Relations Associate

National conservation

Cheyenne is supporting our Indigenous Communities and Conservation Program (ICCP). She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Dalhousie (AC) University before going on to work for over 5 years in Indigenous-led Conservation. This included different roles within climate, forestry, environmental services, agriculture, and fisheries where she has experience working with Indigenous communities and peoples from local, regional, and national levels as well working with other Indigenous groups across the world within internships and her previous positions.

In her past, Cheyenne has sat on many boards and advisory circles for AFN, Government and NGO organizations. Being a Mi’kmaw woman (lnu'skw), as well as her western science background, Cheyenne brings a two-eyed seeing (Etuaptmumk) approach to all the work that she does. She is guided by the Netukulimk principle and is driven by ensuring we have a sustainable, uncompromised environment for our future generations.

Stories and op-eds

Reflecting on Canadian Mountain Network’s Knowledge Sharing Summit 2023

Reflecting on Canadian Mountain Network’s Knowledge Sharing Summit 2023

Cheyenne MacDonald, BSc, L'nua'tikete'w/Indigenous Relations Associate, reflects on September’s Canadian Mountain Network’s (3rd annual) Braiding Knowledge Sharing Summit
Cheyenne MacDonald

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