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Cheryl Chetkiewicz

Director, Indigenous Communities and Conservation

National conservation

Cheryl Chetkiewicz is a Conservation Scientist. Her current program of work includes cumulative effects, environmental assessment, land use planning and policy, monitoring at community and regional scales, and engagement with Indigenous Peoples across our programs in Canada. More recently, Cheryl led Ontario's Northern Boreal program where her work focused on conserving the boreal region in the far north in Ontario through applied and field research on fish and wildlife.

Cheryl has a PhD in Ecology from the University of Alberta where she developed models to design wildlife corridors to conserve grizzly bears and cougars. Cheryl is a board member of the Ontario Association for Impact Assessment. In addition to her current work with WCS Canada, she has worked with governments, Indigenous Peoples, and interested stakeholders on wildlife management and conservation in Alaska, the Northwest Territories, and Peru.


Stories and op-eds

Hasty development of Ontario’s Ring of Fire could have devastating impacts

Hasty development of Ontario’s Ring of Fire could have devastating impacts

The current wave of protests in support of the Wet’suwet’en is about respecting Indigenous rights, but also about responsibility — our collective responsibility to protect increasingly endangered ecosystems and some of Canada’s most intact natural areas.
Justina Ray, Cheryl Chetkiewicz
A sustainable plan for Ontario’s Ring of Fire

A sustainable plan for Ontario’s Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire mining development requires a clear road map focused on sustainability, not disjointed planning and side deals that divide communities.
Cheryl Chetkiewicz, Justina Ray
Watching, listening, and learning

Watching, listening, and learning

Community-based monitoring and Indigenous Knowledge in a Changing World
Cheryl Chetkiewicz

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