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Adam Kirkwood

Research Associate

Forests, Peatlands & Climate Change

Adam’s research is focused on how climate and environmental change influence biogeochemical cycling in northern environments, with a specific interest on how permafrost thaw alters biogeochemistry. Adam has been working in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, North America’s largest wetland, since 2017 and has completed several field trips and community engagement meetings in the region during his graduate studies.

Adam is completing his PhD in Geography at Carleton University in Ottawa, and uses multidisciplinary techniques such as remote sensing, molecular tools, fieldwork, and analytical chemistry to develop a comprehensive understanding of how peatlands in the Hudson Bay Lowlands are responding to change. Adam is passionate about science communication and bringing awareness to the importance of the HBL as a locally, regionally, and globally important region.

Adam is based in Ottawa in Ontario and enjoys flying small planes in his spare time.

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