Our mission is to help wildlife survive – and thrive – across Canada. After all, We Stand for Wildlife.  

At WCS Canada, we focus our research and conservation efforts on a suite of species that play key ecological or cultural roles in thriving northern ecosystems. By working to enhance conditions for species such as boreal caribou, for example, we can help the hundreds of other less-visible species that will also benefit from conserving large tracts of older, unroaded forest. By understanding how fish are faring in the face of climate change, we can speak out for reducing other impacts, such as dams and roads, that are adding to the survival challenge for all aquatic species. By proactively preparing for the arrival of a deadly introduced disease, we can help western bats recover and restore their vital ecosystem functions. 

Our scientists spend hundreds of hours in the field tracking and studying wild animals to better understand their needs and how we can help them in a world where climate change, resource development and human population growth are lowering the odds of survival for wild species even in our most remote places.  We are also supporting Indigenous communities in using their traditional knowledge about wildlife and wild systems and what they see happening on the land to track environmental change and inform responses to climate change and new development.  It is vital work that gives us the tools and information we need to help government, industry and others make better decisions on behalf of wildlife.

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