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Forsythe, A. et al. (incl. Lausen, C.L.). 2022. Microbial isolates with Anti‑Pseudogymnoascus destructans activities from Western Canadian bat wings, Scientific Reports
Johnson, C.J., Ray, J.C and St-Laurent, M-H. 2022. Efficacy and ethics of intensive predator management to save endangered caribou, Conservation Science and Practice
Reid et al. (incl. O'Connor, C.M.). 2022. Developing a national level evidence-based toolbox for addressing freshwater biodiversity threats, Biological Conservation
Justina Ray and Matthew Scrafford WCS Canada Comments _Proposal for a Conservation Agreement for Boreal Caribou in Ontario -- ERO 019-4995 _ March 2022,
Stratton, C. et al (incl. Lausen, C. and Rae, J. ). 2022. Coupling validation effort with in situ bioacoustic data improves estimating relative activity and occupancy for multiple species with cross-species misclassifications, Methods in Ecology and Evolution
WCS Canada Summary of Key Issues with the Draft Agreement to Conduct a Regional Assessment in the Ring of Fire Area and Recommendations,
Thompson, D. K. et al. (incl. Yip, D.A. ). 2022. Quantifying firebrand production and transport using the acoustic analysis of in-fire cameras., Fire Technology
WCS Canada Comments_Draft Agreement to Conduct a Regional Assessment in the Ring of Fire (Reference Number: 80468)_January 2022,
Menzies, A. et al. (incl. Seguin, J.). 2022. Activity, heart rate, and energy expenditure of a cold-climate mesocarnivore, the Canada lynx, Canadian Journal of Zoology
Eric, A. et al. (incl. Mantyka-Pringle, C.). 2022. Evaluating ecosystem services for agricultural wetlands: a systematic review and meta‑analysis, Wetlands Ecology and Management
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