WCS Canada Comments - Recommendations on Northern Low Impact Shipping Corridors - July 2019
WCS Canada staff provide recommendations on an initiative to establish Low Impact Shipping Corridors through Arctic waters. We recommend a northward shift of the current corridor, which would avoid beluga and bowhead concentration areas, and would establish a noise buffer between the corridors and existing Marine Protected Areas.
WCS Position Statement - 43rd Session of the World Heritage Committee - July 2019
WCS prepared a position statement developed in preparation for the 43rd session of the World Heritage Committee (43COM) in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan from 30 June - 10 July 2019. This statement relates primarily to natural and mixed World Heritage sites that are on the agenda of 43COM where WCS has a field presence, and where we are working with the State Party concerned to support the management and conservation of the property. WCS Canada’s particular interest is in the Wood Buffalo National Park.
WCS Canada Comments - Briefing on the IPBES 2019 Global Assessment, Testimony to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development - June 2019
Dr. Justina Ray provides her testimony to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development about the recently-released global biodiversity assessment by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
WCS Canada Comments - Letter to Ministers RE First Nations Partnership Agreement BC - May 2019
Justina Ray and Chris Johnson provide a letter to Ministers supporting the Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement for the Conservation of the Central Group of the Southern Mountain Caribou.
WCS Canada Comments - Scientists Letter to Minister Rod Phillips RE Scientists Warn - Ontario must do more to address biodiversity loss - May 2019
Over 75 scientists across North America have signed and sent a letter to Environment Minister Rod Phillips, urging him to reconsider proposed changes to Ontario's Endangered Species Act in Bill 108.
WCS Canada Comments - Environmental Assessment Act - May 2019
WCS Canada scientists provide comments on the Discussion Paper on Modernizing Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Program, Proposed Changes to the Environmental Assessment Act and and Schedule 6 of Bill 108
WCS Canada Comments - Ontario's Proposal to Repeal the Far North Act - April 2019
The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have proposed to repeal the Far North Act and retain completed land use plans and enable completion of plans at an advanced planning stage for a time-limited period. We discuss the following points, and provide recommendations. 1. The Far North Act has never restricted development in the Ring of Fire; and its repeal will not speed the development of mining projects. 2. With or without the Far North Act, the Ontario government is obliged to address Indigenous jurisdiction when introducing development in the far north. 3. The Public Lands Act is inadequate for accommodating planning and development in the far north, particularly dedicated protected areas that have been designated through community-based land use planning under the Far North Act. 4. Reliance on piecemeal project-level impact assessments will fail to address social, environmental, and economic risks; and will fail responsible stewardship of the far north – a globally-significant region with a high degree of ecological integrity, world-class carbon stores, and providing ecosystem services far beyond is boundaries. 5. If the province doesn’t learn from the 10 years of implementation of the Far North Act, it will repeat the same mistakes and fail to address fundamental issues related to social and environmental stewardship and justice. 6. The time constraint for communities to complete their community-based land use plans is too short, and the cancellation of land use planning processes at beginning stages for many communities is arbitrary and unfair to those who have engaged in good faith with Ontario to date.

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